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Booktalks: Katie Woo: The Tricky Tooth

When booktalking to kindergarten and first grade, I make sure to show them the inside of at least one beginning reader book and let them know that we have lots of these books to continue their reading over the summer. This year the Katie Woo series is one on our summer reading list, so I shared this talk in a pretty conversational way with a fair amount of acting (head shaking, tooth brushing, etc.)

Katie Woo: The Tricky Tooth
by Fran Manushkan, illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Picture Window Books, 2011
Katie Woo: The Tricky ToothI’ll bet some of you have lost a tooth or two. Raise your hand if you’ve lost a tooth. One? Two? More? Well, as this book begins Katie Woo has her very first loose tooth, but it doesn’t want to come out. Katie and her friend eat some popcorn, and her friend's tooth falls out. But what happens to Katie's tooth? Nothing! She thinks if she heads the ball in soccer that it will shake her head enough that the tooth will pop out. But what happens to Katie's tooth? Nothing! She brushes and brushes her teeth super good, ready for that tooth to come loose. But what happens? Nothing! She goes to school and the teacher has a chart that everyone can mark on with how many teeth they have lost, but you know what Katie can put on the chart? Nothing!!! But if you've lost a tooth, you know that eventually it has to come out at some point. Find out what finally gets it out in Katie Woo: The Tricky Tooth.

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