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Booktalks: The Warrior Sheep Go West

This book is really funny, but I never did really capture that in the booktalk. But hey, I introduced the series to bunches of kids, so there's that.

The Warrior Sheep Go West
by Christine and Christopher Russell

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2011
The Warrior Sheep Go WestFrom the ancient Songs of the Fleece, the verses of prophecy: “A terrible monster will come from the West; And a brave flock of warriors will be put to the test. /For this monster has woken from centuries of sleep, /And its stomach will hunger for sheep. Then more sheep. /Hundreds of thousands will die every hour /All the sheep in the world it will seek to devour. /Like a gigantic dog from the West it will come /and the name of this monster, be warned, is: Red Tongue.” These words, along with an unfortunately timed pop-up ad, start a crazy adventure as The Warrior Sheep Go West. This group of highly intelligent sheep and their owners travel to the American west under the false promises of a sleazy scientist. But as the evildoers have search for the sheep that they have lost, the little herd is trying to save fleecekind from the terrifying Red Tongue in this silly, mixed-up story.

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