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What Does the Fox Say? Hold it. WHAT?

Can we talk about this? I feel like we should talk about this.

On one hand as the founder - and what the hell, president - of Bloggers Against Celebrity Authors (BACA), I need to come out firmly against the idea of a viral video becoming a children's book. However, is a viral video star really a celebrity? I'm not sure about that.

Also, I read something that indicated that the book was already in the works, which makes the video more like brilliant marketing. I'd like to believe this is true, because otherwise I'm a bit disturbed by the speed in which this picture book developed. And because I love the video. Like, obsessed. The simple words matched with the dance tune performed with stellar production. Yeah, I'm a fan and it would be hard to rule against it.

Yet giving this clearance under BACA would only encourage more crossovers. I'm surprised "Charlie Bit My Finger!" isn't a book. Wait......

Whew. It isn't. But that's what's coming if we let one video become a picture book. Next it's a whole "Wrecking Ball" series.

But then I'm back to this brilliance:

And I don't even know, man. Discuss.

By the way, BACA's back! All right!

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Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I was just thinking about BACA the other day, after I read that Vanity Fair article reviewing four recent celebrity picture books (I've only read one of them--Julianne Moore's--and it was so, so bad). Glad you're back!

And, the illustrations for the Fox book look deranged--perfect.