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It’s Tough Out There Addendum

So, I’m still mulling over this “He’s just not that into you” concept, and it comes to me why, perhaps, women overanalyze men’s behavior. In our formative years, girls are more advanced in their relationship skills and have to... let’s say, help the boys along. In elementary school, a boy shows a girl that he likes her by pulling her hair. In middle school, he calls her house and hangs up when she answers. A teenage boy isn’t much better, driving by a girl’s house over and over instead of just asking her out. Girls get in the habit of analyzing boys’ behavior to figure out what they could possibly be thinking. And then — at some point — the boys become men, the paradigm changes... but the women don’t.

There you go, I’ve just solved the man/woman relationship. Discuss amongst yourselves. I’m going to tackle world peace.
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mmmmm; world peace. delicious