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I Still Didn’t Do My Homework

Last night I went to a PTA meeting that lasted for TWO HOURS, and thus reminded me of WHY I DON’T GO TO PTA MEETINGS! I could have been reading! Even watching American Idol would have felt more productive. Not that I don’t love American Idol, but I do feel compelled to do something else while watching the show — folding laundry, paying bills, churning butter — so I don’t feel the hours of my life quietly slipping away.

Here then, with as little work as possible, is the second half of the annotations I refered to in the entry “I Didn’t Do My Homework.” This selection is for third grade on up to middle school, but even the last ones on the list would be appropriate for younger, but advanced readers.
  1. Lowji Discovers America, by Candace Fleming
    Join Lowji as he leaves India, learns about his new home, and tries to get what he has always wanted — a pet!
  2. Fashion Kitty, by Charise Mericle Harper
    Another blah outfit? This sounds like a job for Fashion Kitty. She is saving the world one pair of capris at a time.
  3. Captain Fact: Dinosaur Adventure, by Knife
    Captain Fact can handle the dinosaurs, but you should step back when he has a FACT ATTACK. If you are not careful, you just might learn something.
  4. Goha the Wise Fool, by Denys Johnson-Davis
    Is he really a fool, or is he wiser than them all? You’ll find out in these funny stories from the Middle East.
  5. Clemency Pogue, Fairy Killer, by J.T. Petty
    Part fantasy, part dark comedy, and part Lemony Snicket, this book is sure to hold your interest. Just remember to clap if you believe in fairies.
  6. The Tail of Emily Windsnap, by Liz Kessler
    As Emily discovers the secrets of the sea, she needs to keep her biggest secret from those on land. You’ll love this fishy tail/tale.
  7. Malibu Carmie, by Leah Komaiko
    Carmie has her summer and her mom all figured out. But she finds out that there is more to her mom than she ever thought, and her summer is turning out very different than she expected.
  8. Monsoon Summer, by Mitali Perkins
    Jazz is used to her mother’s pet projects, but this one is going to take the whole family to India for the summer. She wants to stay out of her mother’s mission, but is drawn in by all that she sees around her.
  9. Sarah’s Ground, by Ann Rinaldi
    Did you know that Mount Vernon is only here for us to visit today because of the courage of an eighteen-year old girl? In this historical fiction book, Sarah stands up to generals and presidents to keep Mount Vernon safe for future generations.
Tomorrow, when the meeting hangover lifts (I also had three hours of work meetings yesterday), I’ll hit the books again. But don’t ask me to meet about them.

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