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I Didn’t Do My Homework

I’m on the committee to select books for the public libraries’ summer reading program, and as part of the committee I need to write annotations for 15 of the books. Well, I put it off ’til the last day, and now I’m not sure I’m putting out my best work. Today I give you the preschool to grade two books’ annotations. If you live in my county, all eleven of you, you get a head start on the summer reading books. If not, you can benefit from a few of the suggestions from one of the richest counties in the country.
  1. Poems to Dream Together = Poemas Para Soñar Juntos, by Francisco X. Alarcón
    Enjoy these fun and simple poems in English and Spanish. Poemas simples y divertidos para que todos los gocen.
  2. Love and Roast Chicken: A Trickster Tale from the Andes Mountains, by Barbara Knutson
    Among the wild guinea pigs of the Andes is one in particular who manages to fool the tricky fox, not once but twice!
  3. Sea Surprise, by Leo Landry
    If you think this is just another undersea adventure, you’ll be shocked as you watch a little mermaid and her shark friend help the electric eel recover his ZAP.
  4. An Undone Fairy Tale, by Ian Lendler
    Don’t turn the pages too quickly or the artist won’t have time to finish the next scene. The Princess rides on a snail and knights fight a giant pretzel in this funny, fairy tale.
  5. Sir Small and the Sea Monster, by Jane O’Connor
    This is a traditional fairy tale where the knight saves the town, riding in on his... seahorse? It is a fairy tale, but much, much smaller.
  6. Think Cool Thoughts, by Elizabeth Goodwin Perry
    It is so, so, hot in the apartment that Angel can barely stand it. But then her mother comes up with a wonderful idea that leads to a very special night.
If you have read these books and want to offer another annotation option, great. If you haven’t read these books and want to offer another annotation option, still great.

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I'll get to these books just as soon as I have a couch that gets sunlight.