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In Defense Of... Oh, What’s The Use

There are many things I don’t “get.” Uncrustables, for instance. Was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever such a time sucker that we needed a frozen variety? Hummers are another head-scratcher for me. How much rough terrain are these drivers handling on I-95? I mean, other than the occasional Hyundai. And then there is the Constitutional amendment that just passed in the state of Virginia. Did people not read it? Did they read it, but believe what they were told anyway? I can’t imagine a rational argument in support of this amendment, but it passed.

I don’t get it.
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Emy said...

Yeah, there's a message board on the Virginian Pilot's web site for people to sound off on how they voted on Measure 1 and why. It's odd to see that most of the people commenting voted against it (and yet it failed statewide, although you can certainly chalk this up to the "yes" voters not being on the intarwebs for whatever reason), but then the few who did vote yes and are commenting are mostly of the "I believe that everything the Bible says is true, so of course I had to vote for this." *sigh* And yet, not trying to stone adulterers, of course.

Many times, I miss VA, but this is not one of those times. :(

Bill said...

Well, the basic psychological drive for something like this truly is "homophobia" -- which is not fear of homosexuals, but fear of being homosexual.

Apparently, Virginians (and much of red-state America) are less secure in their sexuality (i.e., more clearly tilted toward homosexuality) than blue-state folks. Gotta trick everyone into thinking I'm not gay by comdenming others like me.

Pretty simple, really.