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Poetry Friday: Monster Edition

Frankenstein Makes a SandwichThis poetry book has been making the rounds of the bloggers, but when I laid my hands on a copy, I had to lend my highly credible voice to the mix. Yes, I say, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex is hysterical.

The quirky quality starts with the subtitle:
And other stories you’re sure to like because they’re all about monsters, and some of them are also about food. You like food, don’t you? Well, all right then.
Even the credits and book info are fun. One notices that they are laid out in a strange way. Upon closer investigation, the note at the bottom of the page says “The Invisible Man Makes a Snow Angel, 1897.” Yeah, I guess that is what it looks like. Here’s the illustrations note: “The illustrations in this book were created with oils and... oh gosh, lots of stuff. What? Sure, he used some of that. Yep, that, too.”

The table of contents is a detailed “menu” of treats, including “The Lunchsack of Notre Dame” and “Godzilla Pooped on My Honda.” The illustrations throughout are fantastic, and varied in style.

Here’s an excerpt from my favorite poem, “Count Dracula Doesn’t Know He’s Been Walking Around All Night With Spinach in His Teeth”:
Will someone please just tell him? It looks so undignified.
The zombies almost mentioned it. The Headless Horseman tried
But when he said, “Vhat are you staring at?”
they lost their nerve and lied.
I want to meet this Adam Rex. I think we’d be friends. I think we’d have to be after I’ve just ripped off all of his own information to make this post, rather than write my own funny analysis of the book. But honestly, why bother when the author (and illustrator) can show you much better than I can just how funny/clever/silly this book is.


Anonymous said...

Any book book that uses the word "poop" is always a hit with the boys. It sounds hysterical. Will look for it.
Here is mine for today:

Anonymous said...

MR, I think this one is hysterical, too. Do you think kids will get it? The home audience here, well, it went right over his head, but I had strapped him to a chair while I read, so maybe he was distracted. Kidding, kidding. Kind of.

MotherReader said...

My seven year old enjoyed it, but I actually think it might have a better audience in the slightly older crowd - and it will be a great way for them to enjoy a picture book without feeling like it's too young for them.

Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading a few blogs every day and today was your day. Interesting take on things are always found in every blog. I'm always researching to find out what the world is thinking. Good stuff and helpful as well.

Keep it up.

JL glass
Minneapolis, MN