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Odds and Ends

It’s seventy glorious degrees outside. It looks like I picked the wrong day to put away my kids’ summer clothes. I’m bagging that project, writing a bit here, and then going outside to read a book in the sunshine. Who can blame me? But before I go, here are some odds and ends to keep you busy. I promise an actual book-related post tonight. Really.

I heard about this distraction at Bookshelves of Doom and Fuse#8, and had to post about it here. Because it’s sooo cool. Try it.

Bill and I saw Borat (the preview’s on the page) over the weekend. Unbelievably funny. And I pick the word unbelievably very purposefully, because as you watch this movie you cannot believe what you are seeing. Borat takes everything to its most offensive level — and then pushes it one step further. It’s comic genius.

Virginia may not be a total wash as it looks like we may have turned the entire Senate around by a margin of about 7,000 votes. Sometimes it’s hard to live in this state, but there are times when it really hits home how much your vote does count.

Beyond Rivalry linked to me because of that Book Meme, and in reading through her blog I found this list of Things I’ve Done. Now, I hadn’t done many of them, but at the bottom of the list is a link to a cool site, 43 Things, where you can set your own goals. Whether you want to swim with the dolphins (yes), lose weight (yes), or shave your head (uh, no), you can pull together a list and see what other people are doing. I can see myself wasting a lot of time there, y’know, reading about goals instead of, like, achieving them.

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Bill said...

The "distraction" is cool, but after a few moments just feeds into my general frustration. I kept picturing myself smacking my brothers as children...