105 Ways to Give a Book

Pigeon, Knuffle Bunny, and Leonardo the Terrible Monster

What do they all have in common?

They’d all make great stuffed animals, that’s what!

In exceedingly cool news for a boring Sunday (well, boring if you don’t have a Superbowl party to attend), Mo announces that toys will be produced for all three of these great characters. They should be available to the general public in April. (Do you think I count as the “general public”?)

Mo will be at a toy trade show on Monday, February 12th, in New York City, signing books and bestowing his Mo-ness upon fans. (His Mo-ness is also now available in aerosol form.) The actual, useful information is available on his blog, and presumably will be posted on his website.

It’s funny that there should be this NYC-centered news on a day I’m deciding on a trip to NYC for the same weekend. I would love to go to Fuse#8’s kid lit drink night on Friday, Feb 9th. But there are quite a few obstacles. The cost of round-trip train tickets. A place to stay Friday night. Or how to safely get back to my place to stay on Friday night. Switching my work on Friday. What to do all day Saturday. It’s a lot to think about, so maybe my readers can help me out.

The round-trip train ticket would be about $200. I can afford it, but I generally don’t drop 200 bucks on a trip to go to a party. I have a friend in NYC, but she’s pregnant and really tired, so she could definitely host me Saturday night, but I’d be on my own to go to the party in the Midtown area (that part I’m okay with) and get back to her place in the Village on Friday night (which concerns me). Plus, she’s not crazy about me coming in, on my own, late at night on Friday. But she’ll do it. I think. I also promised I’d be out of her way for most of the day Saturday, because she has a class she needs to study for. I definitely can stay there Saturday night, and take the train back to D.C. on Sunday morning. I might — might — even have a ride to the Princeton Amtrak station on Friday, which would reduce my expense by $70. Which would certainly be helpful.

So help me out, people. Weigh in on my decision. Offer solutions. Tempt me further. Honestly, I could use some input.

(By the way, don’t forget what’s really important here: MotherReader broke the story of the Pigeon, Knuffle Bunny, and Leonardo toys.)


Franki said...

Thanks for the breaking news! And, of course you should go! It is a business trip with this blog and all. Thinking of it that way should relieve all guilt. I don't think you need a good reason to spend the weekend in NYC and attending Drink Night:-) If you go, we'll get to hear all about it. So, see, it would be like a do-good kind of trip too if you blog about it afterwards....So many good reasons to go:-)

ZG said...

The 10th is a perfect day to be in NYC! Here are just a few delights you could enjoy: a reading by John Waters at Barnes & Noble, a four-hour Chocolatiers Tour, any number of Chinese New Year celebrations, the premiere of the new Strawberry Shortcake Movie, a peanut butter orgy at Peanut Butter & Company, a $25 ticket to the totally entertaining matinee of Altar Boyz off Broadway, or a $150 Pole Dance Workout seminar complete with take-home video. You gotta go!!!

Anonymous said...

No advice on the NY thing (I would go for it though!) but I had to share the score that my MIL made for Christmas.

She was in a bookstore buying Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Awake and mentioned that her 6 yo grandson was a HUGE pigeon fan. On her way out the door, the manager came running up with a huge Pigeon puppet...asking if she thought that Kyle would like it (seems that they used it for some book readings but did not need it anymore and did not know what to do with it).

Needless to say, MIL said certainly and Kyle was ABSOLUTELY thrilled...

Magpie said...

Go for it! And don't worry about the getting around at night - that's what taxis are for! You'll have fun, and like Franki said, it's a business trip!

Chris said...

It's much cheaper to take the bus from DC to NY
My cousin has done it, as has my 70 yr old Dad from the West Coast.
I like the on that picks up near Penn Station in NYC.

MotherReader said...

Thank you Chris! I checked the links you sent, and the DC bus stops near my husband's work at the perfect time, so I'm going to give it a try. I didn't even know where to start with the whole bus thing, but this is perfect.

Chris said...

One suggestion- bring something with headphones and listen to music or a book on CD. Some companies show movies and turn the sound up over the engine noise so it is a bit loud.