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Cybils and Carnivals

A Card From MoIt’s a very special day today, as the bloggers’ book award, the Cybils, are announced. I don’t have the Cybils Award graphic, so instead I’ll use this postcard of a monster in underpants.

I was a judge for the picture book category, and I think we picked a book with both kid appeal and literary value. Scaredy Squirrel is a funny book about a squirrel who is afraid of everything, so he stays safely in his tree, not trying anything new. But when he is forced to exit his comfort zone, he discovers something very important about himself. And yet... y’know, I’m giving away too much here. Read the book.

Better yet, buy the book. Jen Robinson had the wonderful suggestion of supporting the Cybils by purchasing a book from the list to show publishers that the awards relate to sales. I’d even go so far as to suggest that you purchase through the Cybils site rather than mine, so that tiny commission can go toward the award itself. (When you order books or other stuff from Amazon after going through my site or the Cybils site, the referring blog gets a small commission.)

There’s still time to submit a post for the Carnival of Children’s Literature. Either submit through the Carnival site or send me an email. (My email is at the bottom of my blogroll.) The official deadline was tomorrow, but I’ll make the last day February 17th, because I’m not going to get to this thing before Sunday.

With everything going on, I didn’t pull together books on love for Valentine’s Day, but I’ll direct you to last year’s Valentine’s post. I listed some of my favorite picture books about love in many categories, including gay penguin love. Now you’re going to look, aren’t you?


Jen Robinson said...

Thanks for supporting the quest to get people out there buying Cybils books. And of course for your judging in the Cybils category. Putting my money where my mouth is, I ordered Scaredy Squirrel today.

Happy Valentine's Day!

web said...

That reminds me, I had to take _And Tango Makes Three_ away from my son at 9:15 last night and make him go to bed. I probably couldn't have been so cruel, if it hadn't been his second reading. :-)

We're studying Penguins for homeschool this month, might as well throw in some gay penguin love!

Bkbuds said...

Many thanks for throwing some business Cybils' way. That was exceptionally generous of you. I should know tomorrow morning if it made a dent in our commissions. Wouldn't that be nice if it did?

Thanks too for your excellent work judging. After reading your amazingly insightful notes, especially kids' reactions at your library, I really got turned on to "Scaredy Squirrel" more than ever. It all just seemed to fall into place.

Thanks again.