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Not Book Related, Just Venting

I meant to put up the review of The Thing About Georgie yesterday, but I just couldn’t do it. I need to feel inspired to write, and instead I felt inspired to take long naps and bitch at my kids. It’s been a long week.

You see, it snowed here on Tuesday. Actually, it was more sleet than snow. The kids were dismissed early and we spent the rest of Tuesday afternoon together, enjoying the free time. My library even closed for the evening, so I didn’t have to go to work. Yeah! Snow day for everyone!

I wasn’t surprised that school was closed on Wednesday, because the side roads were covered with a thick, heavy snow/sleet combo. I also stayed home from work with the kids and shoveled our driveway. The thing is, the snow/sleet combo was very heavy, and I am not so much in shape. I was able to clear out much of the driveway down to the street, but didn’t manage our sidewalk. The plow came through our street once, leaving one lane clear, but not two. By the time my husband got home from work, this snow/sleet combo was frozen tundra.

I give you all these details, because it is relevant to what happened on a wider scale all over the county. The plows hit the main street hard, but only cleared a single lane down all the side streets. I’m sure the plan was to come back later. But by the time they did, it wasn’t snow anymore, but a two inch thick layer of ice firmly attached to the roads. Normally, the ground here is warmer and helps melt the ice, but not after this cold snap. Also, most of the menfolk — and many of the womenfolk — went to work on Wednesday instead of clearing the sidewalks, driveways, and roads. By the time the DC work day was over, it was too late to shovel.

The upshot is that the schools were closed on Thursday and Friday as well, because the buses couldn’t get through the unpaved side streets and the sidewalks were too icy for walking to school. I mean, someone might sue if they fell. The schools may even be closed tomorrow, because nothing has changed over the long weekend. It hasn’t warmed up at all, and it’s impossible to clear off this snow. I know, because I watched my neighbor go at it with a metal shovel and a sledgehammer.

In the middle of this mess, my cat got very sick. After vet bills that could pay for plane tickets to London, it’s still pretty dicey. I want this cat to live because I love her, but also because now it’s an investment. I didn’t pay this much money for the cat to die in the end. No way. Not gonna happen. Even if I have to squirt watered down baby food down her throat and give her subcutaneous fluids with a needle and an IV bag, which we’ve been doing all weekend.

So the kids have been home almost as long as their Christmas vacation. It could have been restful, except for the whole cat thing. Oh, and did I mention when I went to work on Saturday the computers were all down? It is exhausting to answer questions for people all day when you can’t look anything up. Questions that would be easy peasy with a computer are a huge pain without one. Books on homing pigeons. The hierarchy of human needs. The author of a new book called You’ve Never Heard This Title.

I spent all Sunday in my PJs — which I never do  — put together the Carnival post and stared off into space. I didn’t even read a book. I didn’t even read.

Today the sun is shining. Whether it can help the roads remains to be seen, but it’s helping my mood. The cat ate a little on her own today, which is very good. I think the whole family is going bowling to get out of the house. The Carnival post is mostly done, and will be up tomorrow.

This post turned out longer than I thought it would. Sorry about that. It’s no longer a good introduction to the book, so I’ll give it a separate post. But, hey, it was nice to vent for a while.


Little Willow said...

((vibes)) to your entire family, especially your beloved kitty! Here's a message to your cat, whose name I don't know, so please purrsonalize it as you tell it:

Hey, beautiful cat! Be strong. Your humans love you very much and want you to be well. I'm a human who loves her cat and gives her sub-Q fluids every day. She's strong, and you are too. Take your fluids and eat. Eat up to keep your weight up and strength up. You can do this, kitty. Be strong.

Kelly said...

Hang in there MR and cat! I hear your pain, MR. I'm suffering because of the three-day weekend! Today mine have been all me all day.

Hope your kitty will be okay!!!

Jennifer Schultz said...

MR, I hope things get better. Fauquier was out for a week too (however, I think they took away today's holiday and schools were open), and I heard similar stories about going stir-crazy.

I sympathize about the computers. I think it is 10X worse when it happens on the weekend.

Take care.

MotherReader said...

Thanks for the good wishes and sympathy, both of which were needed. The cat's doing a bit better. I'm still waiting to hear about school tomorrow. Though, if Fauquier went back then there is definitely hope for us.

MotherReader said...

Sherry, the hardest part now is that we're at the mercy of the computers. There's no card catalog. We don't own Books in Print - who would when you can get it on the computer. Over just a past few years I've seen our library retire dozens of useful book resources, because you can find it all in databases or on the Internet.

But then when you don't have the computers, you've got nothing to use to get the answers.