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48 Hour Book ChallengeOmigod! I have almost fifty people signed up for the 48 Hour Book Challenge! Most are from the kidlitosphere. Some are reading moms and kid lit lovers. Some of the bloggers are old friends. Well, old in blog time, which is anything more than six months. Some blogs are new to me, like Nonfiction Readers Anonymous. (Oh, nonanon, you don’t have to read the 48 hours straight. Just challenge yourself to read as much as you can in a 48 hour window during that weekend. Great blog name, btw.) I’ll be visiting some of the new-to-me blogs next week, once I get my other project finished. But great turnout, people! Keep the sign-ups coming!

I have some great offers of donated prizes, but could certainly use more. It would be best if it were book-related, but anything can be book-related if you really try. You may not be able to top these (ahem, fake) prizes, but it’s not like you can’t try. Roger is actually in for one “stoked,” which is like a little prize for everyone.

On a related note of donations (I hope), the famous haiku shirt has been reprinted over at Threadless. I kid you not. Thanks to Check It Out for letting me know, and for apparently nagging them endlessly until they reprinted it. Now we can all work on the reprint of I’m A Noun!, the shirt owned by MotherReader and her two kids, for the hippest mother/daughter outfits ever.

Our own Fuse#8 went and got herself published in the Horn Book, with an article on kit lit blogging and a list of recommended sites. Mega-tastic! (Note: after googling that term, it turns out it may not be in the slang vernacular after all. It’s more like I made it up. Which, actually, might make it even funnier if it appeared on the Horn Book blog.)

In a MotherReader rarity, I plan to post again today. My April book reviewing — or book sharing — was a little light, and now my reviews are backing up like a public toilet at RFK Stadium (Go Nats!)


Anonymous said...

"my reviews are backing up like a public toilet at RFK Stadium"

Anonymous said...
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Vivian Mahoney said...

Good luck on the 48 Hour film project. Sounds absolutely crazy but totally, totally fun. Can't wait to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

And cool name right back at you, MotherReader. I'm laying in my supply of books right now for my "oh, well, as many as I can in my half-assed way" contribution to your 48-hour challenge: Just ordered copies of The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing and Bermudez Triangle. This is gonna be awesome!