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Farewell To National Poetry Month

I feel a little bit bad about National Poetry Month. I don’t think I pulled my weight. But like famous people who pay to offset their carbon footprint, let me direct you to some blogs in hopes of offsetting my own prose-heavy month.

At the newish blog Wild Rose Reader, Elaine wrote a poem a day for April. Bravo, poet lady, bravo. She even went the extra mile in dedicating poems to bloggers, and Sunday was my turn. Thanks for including me Elaine, and for giving National Poetry Month your absolute best.

Greg at Gotta Book took on a poem-a-day challenge, with a variety of styles and topics. I can assume (since I can’t remember) that some were of the fib variety of his own invention.

Emily Reads is all haiku, all the time with her special haiku reviews, and April was no exception.

Another haiku queen is A Wrung Sponge, who writes her poems alongside her lovely photos. She also handled the last Poetry Friday Round Up, which seemed particularly large.

April’s other Poetry Friday Round Ups were at Big A, little a, then at Tea Cozy, and then Big A, little a again, because clearly she doesn’t have enough to do. (Hah!)

Tomorrow, I’m going to read some poetry to my fifth grader’s class. I’ll read from Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich (I got this book on my county’s Summer Reading List this year — yeah!), and A Writing Kind of Day: Poems for Young Poets (to inspire the budding poets). I may also pull from Soft Hay Will Catch You: Poems By Young People (I love the idea of a collection of kids’ poetry). We couldn’t fit in a visit in April, but as the teacher reminded me, any time is a good time for poetry. Don’t forget that, and I won’t either.


Anonymous said...

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web said...

Way to go, re Frankenstein! I'd say you pulled your weight. He's damn heavy.

Kelly said...

Hah! is right, MR :)

Have fun reading!!

Elaine Magliaro said...


If any kidlit blogger deserves a poem, you do...for making me laugh so often! I just wish I could have written you a fine Tulane ditty to warm the cockles of yer heart!

And now that we bid farewell to National Poetry Month me thinks I can begin to write of other children's literature in addition to verse and rhythm and rhyme and imagery and similes and personification...and a poem a day.

Little Willow said...

Hope you have/had a blast reading.

Please tell them afterwards that Frankenstein is the name of the doctor, not the monster. ;-) I am a picky pick!

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on now... you made that awesome poetry book display at work, right? That was something...

And major kudos for getting Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich on the summer reading list. LOVE that book.

Greg Pincus said...

MR, your blog's mere existence adds poetry to the world. OK, sure, it's kinda a pointed and occasionally sarcastic poetry, but nonetheless!

Thanks for the linkage....