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Practical Poetry

Aluminum Cubicle 1It’s been a tough week, an emotional week in more ways than one. Today, let me give you something light and fun and silly. For Poetry Friday, I feature my own haiku showcasing the visuals from my husband’s office last week. Hope you enjoy it.
Practical jokers
Turn cubicle into art.
Shiny, shiny art.
Enjoy the photos (click to enlarge).

Aluminum Cubicle 2Aluminum Cubicle 3
(handiwork by Steve Hennessey and Kate Foley; photography by Kate Foley)


Anonymous said...

Oh. My.

That's a lot of shiny aluminum foil.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

LOL what a funny thing to do! Your haiku says it all!

CindyD said...

Oh, gosh, that reminds me of when some coworkers shrink wrapped my car for my 50th birthday!

Kelly said...

My goodness! What a bunch of cards :) Too funny! I hope those jokers cleaned up after themselves.

Bill said...

Actually, no. JT, the owner of the cubicle in question, removed just enough foil to work, but otherwise left it alone. As it stands, even today it looks almost exactly the same.

What can I say? We're artists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me smile. I needed to smile after this week.

EM said...

And they say Americans are unproductive at work... Awesome.