105 Ways to Give a Book

All Right Already — Here’s Mine

Actually, the first time I took the test, I got a mouse, which both amused and horrified me at the same time. But I wouldn’t call myself modest or humble, so I took the test again. This time I changed the “looking good when going out of the house” answer to yes, since I do still strive to look nice even if I’ve resigned myself to the occasional sweatpants/ponytail run to the grocery store. As it turns out, that answer didn’t change the modest or humble thing at all, but I got a whole new creature. Whatcha gonna do?


Unknown said...

Too funny. Well, at least it got the "sociable, outgoing, and spontaneous" part right!

Michele said...

There are a lot of us Ocelots out there in the kidslitosphere !

And I agree with Sheila !

Magpie said...

I love those books - can't wait to take the test, and to share the books with my little kid.