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Spring Break Ends

After the basket search, the egg hunt, and the Easter egg dyeing, I had the girls paint wooden rabbits. I had them put old T-shirts over their dresses. I covered the table with newspaper. I set up the paint and bunnies in the middle of the table. Yet with all these preparations, not one, but both of my school-aged children managed to drop paint-laden brushes on the carpet. Unbelievable.

And a pretty good analogy for my past week.

I had made all the preparations for Spring Break with my kids. I was going to catch up on some reviews and read some newish blogs I’ve been meaning to explore. I was going to call some friends I don’t always get to see. I was going to clean up the house that I’ve been neglecting. So what did I do with my week? No, really. I’m asking. What did I do with my week? Because I can’t figure it out. As it turns out I managed to drop both my blogging and my housework. Unbelievable.

I thought that if I didn’t spend so much time online I could get more work done at home. Instead, I was so sluggish it took me five times as long to accomplish any one chore. I think that I get more energy from reading, writing, and being engaged to actually tackle the stuff in my life. Staying home from work and staying offline for the most part, I was craving interaction. I let in a door-to-door salesman, for Pete’s sake. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m back in business, such as it is. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for nonfiction, middle-school books for boys. I’ve got a lot to work with now, and I’m very pleased. Tomorrow starts my usual hectic schedule of work, Girl Scouts, homework, parenting, party-planning, and yes, blogging. And I guess I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Nancy said...

"I let in a door-to-door salesman, for pete's sake."