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All About the Prizes

48 Hour Book ChallengeThe Second Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge is really coming together nicely with a pretty long list of participants. Keep signing up at the original post. I want to make this fun for everyone, so along with achievement prizes there will be some stuff given out to random participants.

Prizes may include:
  • Either John Green will take you to the next year’s YA Prom or Hank Green will devote his Brotherhood 2.0 video to the topic of your choice, after conferring with you by phone. It depends on who you have on your “list.”

  • Grace Lin, having used the names of all her family members in books, will name her next character after you. There will also be a doll. And cupcakes.

  • Roger, of Read Roger, will talk about your win on his blog using the words “stoked” and “mega-tastic.” If you clock in more than thirty hours or fifteen books, he will also use either the phrase “true dat” or “that’s how I roll.”

  • Mo Willems will send something from this picture. It will probably be a signed Pigeon mobile, but it could be an Emmy. You never know.

  • Betsy will send the original Winnie the Pooh to your home for a week-long visit, with a travel journal and possible police escort.
Okay, so none of these has actually been confirmed. Actually, I kind of made them up. But if you have a prize that you would like to contribute to the contest, send me an email. My Email MotherReader! button is at the very end of my blogroll. I am not particularly good at anything tangible, though I do make a mean paper bead necklace I’d be willing to chip in.

Let me also reiterate that the goal is to read for as much of the 48 hours as you can. Don’t feel that you can’t participate because you have something else you have to do during the weekend. You can do your 48 hours starting Friday and ending Sunday or starting Saturday and ending Monday morning, allowing for some flexibility. If you have something Saturday afternoon — like me — you can take a break and come back to the contest. You can always make up the time by not sleeping that night. I mean, really, how long has it been since you pulled an all-nighter?


Anonymous said...

What's your email address, Mother Reader?
--interested donor

MotherReader said...

At the end of my blogroll is my Email MotherReader button. I've made it clearer in the post now. Thanks.

Tricia said...

Ummm.... all-nighter? That would be last night. I generally pull one or two a semester in an effort to get papers graded. However, spending a night reading books will be FAR MORE INTERESTING (though the lessons I read for probability and statistics hit some high notes).
As for prizes, perhaps I can pick up something interesting in China. I'd be happy to donate.

Kelly said...

Oh, Tricia, how I am so with you and how I HATE it. I'm too old for all-nighers, but once or twice a semester it happens. Usually it's because of a large stack of papers. Ugh.

Great prizes, MR. Sign me up. I'm going to do it--although I'm traveling again on the 10th to the ChLA conference. I guess I'll start early on the 8th and hope for the best :)

tanita✿davis said...

Was sipping soup when I read the words "true dat," and very nearly had an unfortunate accident with the keyboard.

Ohhh, how I long to hear Mr. Sutton use that phrase.

You know you're delightfully insane, right?

web said...

Snort! I bet we could get Roger to do it....

I have the perfect prize to donate - a first edition of Edward Tulane!

(ducking... but I really do have one...)

Lindsey said...

These are great prizes. I would read a lot of books to get to go to that prom, but I'm so bummed it was all a hoax. Alas, MotherReader!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard at the prizes. Oh please please please can we have Roger say "mega-tastic" and "true dat"?

I'm in! Will be difficult with two young children needing my attention, but I'll do my very best.

MotherReader said...

Jules, I was this close to adding that if a 7-Imp blogger won, that Roger would use "dude" at least twice.

Web, I think the Tulane book would be a perfect prize - bundled with a my readers theatre, of course.

Tricia, I'm happy to take anything from China - if it is convienient for you (and cheap).

Zee, K, and T - I can only hope that the real prizes will be as good, though I'm getting some good leads, so here's hoping.

fusenumber8 said...

Talked it over with Pooh last night. Unfortunately he's been all paranoid lately. Keeps talking about Brits and how they're gonna, "send him back". Don't know if I could convince him to put in an appearance.

MotherReader said...

That Winnie. What a diva (divo?).

It's funny that you put up a Pooh post last night, because I couldn't pull up a good one with my search yesterday. I was forced to link to the NYPL site instead. Oh, the horror.

Little Willow said...

I want to PERFORM at the YA Prom. I think we should get all of the musically-inclined authors on stage for at least one number.