105 Ways to Give a Book

Pick a Poem

An original fib (as attributed to Greg at Gotta Book)

Grace Lin

Who did it? you ask.
MotherReader, naturally.
I was going to write about Grace Lin’s upcoming picture book Lissy’s Friends today, but Poetry Friday and the Vonnegut news is throwing off my stride. Plus, I’ve got to come up with a whole Rock and Roll birthday party by Sunday, which is giving me a bit of stress. I’ve got to get off the computer shortly and go in search of four more inflatable guitars. Yes, really.

Besides my lovely original poem, I wanted to mention the poetry display I did at my library. I made a sign saying “Pick a Poem.” All around the display pyramid are cut-outs of flowers attached to stems with a line of a poem written on it. I put some plastic flowers among the books on display as well. Awaiting their new reader are my favorite recent titles including:And origami brings us back to Lissy’s Friends, which I promise to tell you about on Monday.


web said...

Woo hoo! Finally someone besides me mentioning There's a Flower.... I am always stunned by how thoroughly that book has seemed to be ignored.

Greg Pincus said...

Totally shocking that a book of poetry gets overlooked. Shocking!!!!!! (Thanks for the Fib, btw!)

Anonymous said...

Hope the birthday party is fun. How could it not be with blow-uo guitars. Like the fib and the poetry book list...more to add to my list in the quest to bring the collection cirrent. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now I'm late commenting on your interview. HA! My excuse: I was away from my computer for most of the weekend and missed a lot of good stuff. But let me tell you now... I love this interview! Excellent questions.

Also love the book display idea. Clever.