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Kind of Hugo Cabret, But Really More Mo-ish, and Bonus Venting

The Invention of Hugo CabretHere’s the thing, I was going to review The Invention of Hugo Cabret, because it’s freaking fantastic. I mean, I read the book and then two days later read it again just because I could. The illustrations are brilliant, the story is engaging, it’s obviously a masterpiece.

But like you guys don’t know that already. Like you haven’t seen it everywhere. Like Fuse#8 didn’t mention six months ago that it was the book that could change the face of children’s literature, or at least make someone rethink the whole Newbery/Caldecott thing.

I was going to link to Esme’s recent review and call it a day, but then Mo saved me. As a friend of what’s-his-name — y’know, the author — Mo posted some great pictures from the book with his own variation. And what the hell, it also gives me a chance to mention Mo’s great line about his Toronto trip — and I love great lines.
Brian Selznick and I will both speak at the lecture entitled “Pigeons and Orphans, The Musical.” The subtitle is: “Mr. Selznick will describe the years of painstaking research required in his lavishly detailed work while Mr. Willems will describe how he just makes up stuff sometimes.”
Brian Selznick, that’s right. I should know that.

Anyway, if you’ve posted a review of The Invention of Hugo Cabret, throw me the link in the comments, because I’d like to give credit where credit is due and it could really save me some time.

You’ll have to excuse my laziness. Tonight I came back from a drama club performance where I was almost mauled by the kids attacking the treat table. For some reason, I ended up as the only adult within a ten-foot radius of the food and thus ended up pouring sodas for three thousand kids. Or maybe fifty. But still, the parents seemed to assume that I was the host of the whole party and made very little effort to take care of their own kids or clean up afterwards. I didn’t get to enjoy the reception for the kids and parents — of which I was one, mind you — at all. Oh well, at least the play was fine, my daughter did great, and I can cross off one more kid activity in my countdown to summer.


Stacey Shubitz said...

Brian S. is going to be on the Today Show this Friday. :)

Unknown said...

Speaking of MO - Just one book has an interview with him from Toronto, the best line in the interview "I want my books to be played, not read" - I have book talked Hugo but have not sat down and read the hwole thing yet, sounds like I have to this weekend!

EM said...

Here's my CABRET review: http://emilyreads.blogspot.com/2007/04/invention-of-hugo-cabret-review-haiku.html

I just checked it out to a mom last night who was put off by the width, but reassured that it goes quickly as soon as she opened it.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen those Selznick/Willems pics. So funny. Thanks for the link.

Eisha and I might one day co-review Hugo, but we haven't done it yet.

Anonymous said...

GP Taylor came up with the idea first in a book released in the UK last year called The Tizzle Sisters and Erik

Little Willow said...

It is an amazing book.