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Odds and Ends, Out and About

No introduction, just some interesting posts I noticed tonight.

Winner of the longest list title award — enjoy “First Day of School Read-Alouds with Global and Multicultural Perspectives” over at Choice Literacy (with thanks to A Year of Reading for the link).

It’s no surprise to me, but Seven-Imp bloggers love Knuffle Bunny Too. Read their joint review of Mo’s book and the new Sis book here.

Books need bookshelves, and after seeing the Corner Spacesaver Bookcase at Target, I almost 1-clicked it, I like it so so much. Thanks to Semicolon for the link, and for reminding me not only of the wonderful book sculptures that I had seen, but also that I hadn’t seen them all. Now I can.

In a Harry Potter mood? Talk about the last movie and the diversity of characters — or lack thereof — over at A Wrung Sponge. If you’ve been distracted by summer fun, maybe you haven’t chimed it at the discussion over at Scholar’s Blog Spoiler Zone, but there’s still time. You’ll find an original perspective over at... well, Original Content, and Cheryl Klein, Potter editor, posts her thoughts on the last book — as do more than a hundred commenters (thanks to Miss Erin for pointing it out).

Oh, and it makes me disproportionately happy to mention that John Green licked a cat.


ElsKushner said...

I loved that cat-licking video beyond all reason.

Anonymous said...

MoReader, this Sunday's featured illustrator will be . . . you guess it: Mo. And then we'll be posting an interview with him at the very beginning of September. It's all for you, man. All for you.

In fact, we invited another blogger (Betsy, a.k.a. Fuse) to come review (blab about books) with us -- in a little twist on our co-reviews, the "tri-review" (think Three Stooges). We'll be posting that on Monday. Anyway, and we're going to do it again with another blogger, 'cause we're all three reading the same novel right now and will be interviewing the author, come November (well, not confirmed yet, but we hope to be). Sooooo . . . it occurred to me yesterday: Wouldn't it be so fun for me and you and Eisha to co-review Mo's two upcoming beginning readers? You could post it here, and we could post it at our site. I could even ask our contact about the possibility of us getting review copies to do so.

I dunno, just a thought. It'd be so fun to do a back-and-forth review with you and Eisha about two Mo books. You might have already read and reviewed them here, for all I know, but if you're interested, let me know.