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Summer Inventory

My summer goals:
  1. Get rid of the donation books at work. Add, buy, or sell them.
  2. Clear out immense piles of paper at work.
  3. Get back to blog reading.
  4. Try JacketFlap to condense blog reading.
  5. Get tree stump removed and plant a new tree.
  6. Devote Monday and Tuesday mornings to clutter removal.
  7. And Friday mornings to paper control.
  8. Use time off in August to write — a book, essays, an article.
  9. Go to pool three times a week — hey, we’re paying for it.
  10. Plan at least one vacation.
Ahh, how hopeful I was in June. I got rid of a lot of the donation books at work, but not all, so I’d say I got about halfway on #1. On #2, I didn’t even try. Oh, well. I have been reading more blogs (#3) and using Jacket Flap more (#4), so let’s call those accomplished. Finished #5 on Labor Day! Totally bombed on #6, #7, and sadly on #8. Oh, well again. We hit the pool more like one or two times a week, so let’s call that one halfway on #9. I completely rocked on #10. though, and planned an awesome vacation to Niagara Falls.

My 2007 summer inventory:
  • One ALA meet-and-greet extravaganza.
  • Four trips to Virginia Beach.
  • One trip to Lake Anna.
  • One visit to a water park.
  • One visit to an amusement park.
  • Lots of pool visits.
  • Two weeks of Drama Camp.
  • Several movies: Hairspray, Surf’s Up, Shrek 3, Live Free or Die Hard, Harry Potter
  • Seven Harry Potter books read.
  • Many other books read.
  • One rockin’ party.
  • One wedding.
  • One Christening.
  • One baseball game.
  • One yard sale.
  • One family vacation to Niagara Falls, including...
  • Bonus visit to MarineLand.
Not a bad summer, I’d have to say. It’s still hard to leave it behind for school, homework, clubs, and work. The kids are excited about school starting. Me, not so much. Tonight we finished the labeling of the school supplies with much fanfare. The kids are holding me to an early morning wake-up call — which may possibly kill me after all these days of sleeping in — because they can’t wait to get back to their friends. Tomorrow I’ll walk them to school and come home to an empty house and hours to fill until they come home again.

Hmmm. Hours to fill. Actually, that part is sounding pretty good.
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