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Volunteer Chicken

Getting volunteers is the Mom version of Chicken. You keep expressing the need, the importance, of getting this role filled. You wax poetic about the opportunity. You threaten the consequences of NOT having a volunteer. You do all this until someone caves.

I’ve been the one who caved, which is why I am now in the position of trying to get others to cave. It’s ironic. It’s also exhausting, so I haven’t had time/energy to post, or read much for that matter.

Instead, I’ll point you to an article about making reading “Mo” fun. That’s all I’ve got. Oh, unless you’d be interested in getting together with me and other DC area folk. In that case, stop by The Longstockings and let Caroline know that you don’t think that New York City is really all that.

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Anonymous said...

This is so funny. The Mom version of chicken. I was just playing this game at an Arts in Education meeting at my daughters' school this afternoon. I am often up on someone shoulders and I often fall off. Pick me! Pick me! Oi...