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Robert’s Snow Schedule

I’m posting the Robert’s Snow schedule at the end of the week so you can go back and see what you missed. It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s Poetry Friday and I don’t have a poem. Nothing at all.

Next week — on Halloween to be precise — I’ll be host to Mo Willems. I’ll dare to ask the question on everyone’s mind about his unusual snowflake — namely WTF?

Monday, October 22

Tuesday, October 23

Wednesday, October 24

Thursday, October 25

Friday, October 26

Saturday, October 27

Sunday, October 28


Anonymous said...

Here's the link info for my post about Chris Demarest on Monday: http://kellyrfineman.livejournal.com/245844.html

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get our tri-review done for next week and have kind of a Mo week.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I love how you can casually mention that you'll see Mo. On Halloween, no less. Please give us a full report--I'm talking about costumes, pictures, and whatever else you can share with us Mo Willems fans.

Laura said...

BACA Alert? -- Have you heard about this one by Julianne Moore? (Called Freckleface Strawberry in case the Amazon link doesn't work.)