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Nonfiction Monday: A Memoir

I’ve considered it a personal challenge to stretch the meaning of Poetry Friday by featuring T-shirts, song lyrics, and even spam. Certainly not out of disrespect to poetry or the collaborative effort of Poetry Friday, but more as a way to push the limits of our own understanding. Well, that and my own admitted laziness.

So, now Nonfiction Monday meets my warped mind. I offer some true-to-life, non-ironic sentences uttered this weekend. Nonfictional, as it were.
  1. “Well, now we know how many dead bodies fit in a Mini.”

  2. “I threw you under the bus.” “Oh, thank God.”

  3. “I couldn’t answer the phone!!!” “I know, but it’s an emergency!!! I can’t get the DVD player to work!!!”

  4. “Omigod! It’s two o’clock in the morning. You have got to stop talking!

  5. Thump. Thump-Thump. “Wahhhhhhhhh! Help! I’m stuck! Wahhhhhhhh!”
For fun, guess how these statements fit in to an actual, suburban mom’s life and/or memoir. I’ll be back later with the actual — nonfiction — story.

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Kelly said...

Hmmm...I'm heading over to the REAL story right now :)