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Attack of Literacy

Attack of LiteracyOkay, this shirt totally rocks. See if you can pick out some of the “Twenty Renowned Authors of the Classics” starring in Attack of Literacy. Shakespeare and Twain are easy, but is that Jane Austen?

This fantastic shirt is a prize donated by Threadless for the 48 Hour Book Challenge. Thanks to our (one) corporate sponsor! There will also be signed books, handmade journals, gift cards, jewelry, and more in the winners’ prize packages. Remember, some prizes will be awarded randomly to participants in the challenge, so you don’t have to read the most or read the longest to win something. Now is the time to block off the weekend of June 6th–8th and sign up to read like you’ve never read before. Unless you participated last year, in which you’ll read somewhat like you’ve read before.

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heather (errantdreams) said...

Awesome shirt! Sadly I still don't know if I can participate. Hopefully...