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The Thursday Three XVIII: Board Books

ABC'sABC’s, by Charley Harper
I certainly don’t need a board book for my fourth and seventh graders, but I might have to buy this one anyway just for the artistic value. The lovely and interesting illustrations of Charley Harper are completely the point of this (mostly) animal ABC book. Alphabet book connoisseurs are probably wondering about “X,” and I’ll tell you that it is not “Ox.” Oh, the suspense.

Charley and Lola's OppositesCharlie and Lola’s Opposites, by Lauren Child
What can I say? I love Charlie and Lola. I love the original books. I love the show. I love the books based on the show. And now I love the board books written from the success of the show based on the original books. The books are very simple in text — big and small, many and few — but Child’s illustrations are wonderful.

CatCat, by Jane Kemp, Clare Walters, and Linzi West
Dog, by Jane Kemp, Clare Walters, and Linzi West

It’s surprising that it took three people to produce books this simple in both words and pictures. I also think that the two books could have been smooshed together — maybe into one of those flip-over books — so you’d get more bang for your buck, because seven pages isn’t much book. That said, they are cute books about, respectively and most obviously, a cat and a dog. Fun, lively pictures.


Anonymous said...

Charley Harper! He did tons of work for Ranger Rick back in the day and passed away not long ago. There are a couple of lovely and very expensive compilation books of his work out there. I didn't know he'd done an ABC book... I'll have to have a look.

Stella said...

I love Charlie and Lola too! great book postings by the way!