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My America

It wasn’t easy making a new America that we could all enjoy in our own political ideology. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. And you can do it too!

First I had to put Maryland, the District of Columbia, Vermont, and Hawaii in the blue — which was a given for all states concerned.

Next, we had to make some tough state trades. We’re giving up New Mexico for Idaho; North Carolina for Indiana and West Virginia; and Colorado for Kentucky (this is clearly the most painful). But most importantly we need a land bridge to connect the East and West coasts, so a big sacrifice needs to be made. We’re giving up Florida for Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It’s unfortunate, but necessary. You know what? Given global warming, Florida isn’t going to be worth much soon anyway. Sorry about Disney World though.

There you have it. Welcome to the Divided States of America. Let each section run itself as it sees fit. Lately, it seems like the only option.

(Another well-written article has come out on the disgrace of the McCain campaign attacks, this one stating, “[H]e is attempting to resurrect the threadbare narrative which holds that Obama, by dint of color and heritage, is something foreign, something scary, something not of us. It’s an offensive argument, yes. But in a nation as riven and fearful as ours, it is also a dangerous one. After all, it is a short leap from toxic words to toxic deeds.” The article also notes something that I saw as I watched McCain trying to talk around the angry mob, that “McCain seems ashamed, and he has good reason.”)

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