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Okay, I’m trying to avoid politics, but today, with the Vice-Presidential debate, it’s gotta be fair game. Right?

So I find myself fairly amused that Sarah Palin might do well tonight simply because expectations are so very, very low. How low?
Several members of the media, including MSNBC anchors and guests and an NPR reporter, have asserted that Gov. Sarah Palin faces “low” or “lowered” expectations in the upcoming vice-presidential debate and that she therefore faces a lower bar for victory than Sen. Joe Biden. They have made these assertions — that she will win if she simply beats (lowered) expectations...
Basically if she doesn’t freeze up, giggle uncontrollably, or drool on herself, she could be seen as doing fine. You have to laugh.

I was heartened by the Washington Post article that noted, “Six in 10 voters see her as lacking the experience to be an effective president, and a third are now less likely to vote for McCain because of her.” What the poll fails to state is that the other four voters are in comas. Or at least that is the only explanation I can discern after hearing Palin’s response to Katie Couric’s question about what newspapers she reads.

Reading? What’s that all about? The video is even funnier in its own way than the new Saturday Night Live sketch. Though, that said, I did totally crack up at “Katie, I’d like to use one of my lifelines.” That line wasn’t from the real interview, but parts of the skit were actually word for word. You have to laugh.

So with all of this, why does McCain think Obama is gaining in the polls? Here is McCain’s exchange on  Fox & Friends, as released by the Fox News Channel:
HOST BRIAN KILMEADE: Right now a recent study says and the polls reflect that Barack Obama is gaining ever since this crisis has landed in everyone’s kitchen table, why is that?

McCAIN: Because life isn’t fair (laughs)... He certainly did nothing for the first few days. I suspended my campaign, took our ads down, came back to Washington, met with the House folks and got on the phone, and also had face to face meetings.
Because life isn’t fair. What a great slogan that would be for their campaign. McCain/Palin: Because Life Isn’t Fair.

I mean really, you have to laugh. Because I’m not — I am NOT — going to cry.


Jennifer Thermes said...

Very very scary.

Big sigh.

Kristen M. said...

I'll comment over here so that I can get it out of my system and not put it on my own blog ...

AAAHHHHRRRGGGGHHHH! She makes my ears bleed. The end.

Thank you for letting me vent.

Andrea Beaty said...

MotherReader sadi, "you have to laugh."

Yes, cause if you don't, you'll cry like a baby! Waaaah.