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YA for Obama

If I didn’t do this, the next twelve days would be all election, all the time at MotherReader. So I’ve accepted an invitation to join and post at YA for Obama. I’ve put up a new post today and uploaded two videos. (Not my own — don’t be silly.) Anyway, come on by if you need a place to read, talk, vent, and connect. You’re invited.


Anonymous said...

I think you should really use this post only for Children's literature and open another blog for your personal believes/views; otherwise you will offend some of your readers.

MotherReader said...

Lovestampmom, I've always mixed in a little bit of my personal stuff - politics, family, stuff that made me laugh - in my blog. It's just lately as this election becomes all I think about that I've discovered YA for Obama as a secondary outlet. I'm sure that after the election my political stuff will be much, much less frequent.

I will say that I've tried not to offend my readers by not attacking the Republican policy issues. There are many that I disagree with, but there I feel that everyone has the right to their own belief system. What has made me mad - and I hope is making some Republican supporters mad - is the campaign.

Seasoned, national experience is a legitimate issue for choosing McCain, but is devalued when traded-in for an unqualified vice-presidential candidate. Running an honorable campaign spoke to the candidate's own integrity, but supporting a campaign of divisiveness is not helping him or the Republican party. I know that putting these things on my blog was to vent to like-minded people, but at the same time I hold out some hope that it will inspire people who do consider themselves Republicans to question the campaign and the direction on of the Party.