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ABC Storytime: E is for...

Okay, I’m a little late this week, but I’ve been kind of busy.

The Letter E

Book: Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct, by Mo Willems

Book: Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss

Fingerplay: “Eggs”
Eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch
In a carton, in a bunch
Boiled or scrambled, cooked or fried
How many eggies have you tried?

Book: Ella the Elegant Elephant, by Carmela D’Amico

Song: “The Elephant”
The elephant goes like this and that

(stomp around)
Cause he’s so big and he’s so fat!
(make arms in big, wide circle)
He has no fingers and has no toes

(wiggle fingers, point to toes)
But goodness, gracious, what a nose!
(put arm in front of nose and move it like trunk)

Book: Elephants Cannot Dance, by Mo Willems

Book: Edward the Emu, by Sheena Knowles, or Epossumondas, by Coleen Salley

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Gretta said...

The Little Engine that could because it teaches our kids to persevere and have determination.

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