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Mo, Webcasts, Booklights, FTC

The webcasts from the National Book Festival are up, including the one of Mo Willems with my daughter as Piggie! If you want watch that part — and of course you do — it is about halfway through the webcast, at the twelve-minute mark. You’ll also see Mo’s daughter Trixie of Knuffle Bunny fame. Watch it and come back and be excited with me.

Today my post over at Booklights covers picture books about babies. Go add some favorites to the comments.

The interpretations of the Federal Trade Commission guidelines are making things look either HUGE or no big deal for book bloggers, so we’ll be waiting to see how it shakes out. There is a great post at Boston Bibliophile with a lawyer’s viewpoint, and Chasing Ray is asking for — and receiving — responses from publishers. What are you hearing around the interwebs?


morninglight mama said...

Mo & webcast- YAY! So much fun to watch with the family who either wasn't there or couldn't see from the side of the stage!

Booklights- nice job!

FTC- Headache central. Still not sure how we at 5M4B will be affected-- I've heard there's something about a 'third party entity' clause, but I'm unclear about how we fit in.

So, two thumbs up, and one very large and irritated thumb down.


Terry Doherty said...

Thanks for the link to the Boston Bibliophile conversation. While it still leaves questions, it was very helpful. There is still plenty to figure out ... including how to manage affiliate links on sites like Goodreads, that let you link the books on your shelves to your vendor account.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link to the webcast - your daughter is a NATURAL!!