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I’m sharing three snowy picture books over at Booklights and invite you to head over and add your own wintery favorite in the comments. In fact, I may have to go back myself, because after I wrote my post and came back here to give a teaser review, I remembered my own very favorite snow book, and that is Charlie and Lola: Snow Is My Favorite and My Best, by Lauren Child.

Charlie and Lola: Snow is My Favorite and My BestThis is one of the Charlie and Lola books that was a TV show first and then a book, but no matter. It’s still brilliant. Especially if you read the whole thing with a British accent, which you simply must do if you’ve ever watched the show. Lola — who is small and very funny — is so excited about the coming snow that she can barely sleep, and then wakes up to find that the world has gone all extremely white! Charlie and Lola explore the snowy world with their friends, with Lola and her friend Lotta both proclaiming that “snow is my favorite and my best.” When the snow melts the next day, Lola is disappointed, but Charlie explains that a constant winter might get old. Lauren Child’s illustrations are captivating as always, and the joy and magic of a special snow day are captured most excellently in this wonderful book.

I’ve read lots of picture books about snow in my time, and I like a lot of them, but I have more fun reading this one that any other. It’s the British accent. Take a look at the ones at Booklights and add your own favorites for the PBS readers.

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Jennie said...

You know, earlier this month, I also said that snow as my favorite and my best (because Lola-isms creep into my daily vocabulary with surprising regularity.)

But now I agree with Charlie.

I feel like I've moved to Narnia-- all winter with no Christmas!

NatalieSap said...

Read this one to kindergarten classes just before our first snow many months ago - lots of love for it! Though the Arctic/Antarctic pages were a little over their heads. :)

Suneet said...

I know it's not about snow, but it is about water! Check out "Saved by the Well", a cute book about children in Spontania, Mozambique and how they helped their village overcome a lack of access to clean, fresh water.


Playing by the book said...

It's great to hear you say how reading it with a British accent add to your enjoyment! I've been thinking about accents and books being read aloud because of the upcoming 1st round of the new Audiosynced meme, and have been thinking about which audiobook to review. It got me thinking - do US editions of audiobooks by British (or any other non US author) have readers with American accents or are they left "native" so to say?