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Booklights, Top 100, and Snowpocalypse

Looking for love (books) in all the wrong places? Well, I’m sharing three picture books with love themes over at Booklights, in case you need a Valentine’s Day book and ain’t gonna find one now.

Don’t miss the amazing, incredible, ridiculously thorough countdown by Fuse#8 of the Top 100 Children’s Novels, where am I quoted as saying, “Because the joy that the girls had in choosing what to spend a nickel on outweighs most of the excitement I could imagine then or now. It made me crave a dill pickle from the barrel, for goodness’ sakes.” For which book? Go see.

We updated our Snowpocalpyse T-shirts and are digging out from our three feet of total snow. Crazy. I couldn’t help thinking of this particular picture book, so I’d thought I’d share it today:

Terrible StormTerrible Storm
written by Carol Otis Hurst, illustrated by S.D. Schindler
Two grandfathers have been friends since they were kids. They grew up in the same town and survived the same big storm. As they sit on the porch now in their old age, they talk about how terrible the big storm was. As it turned out, the shy man was trapped in with lots of people, while the social man was trapped alone in a barn. It was torture for both of them. Great story with lovely detailed illustrations.

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Tasha said...

One of my favorite snowstorm books! Great pick. Hope you are staying warm and safe.

madelyn said...

I read your comment about on the Fuse No. 8 site and was so glad you put it up there. I read that series so many times as a kid. Yet somehow I didn't put them on my list o' ten (my mood at the time? Just wasn't thinking? WHO CAN PICK A TOP 10???) They were definitely important books for me, since they were pretty much the only other Jewish family within a 50-mile radius... =) Hope you're digging out,

Hannah said...

I wonder if you would like the short chapter book "Snowed in with Grandmother Silk"? It came to mind this week as I listened to the news of all the snow in other parts of the country.
Just rain here in Austin. Zzzzz.