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Cybils Judges Announcements

The announcement of all of the judges and panelists for the Cybils started on Friday, and today my own category of Fiction Picture Books is featured. Congratulations to all the folks selected throughout the Cybils, and a special shout-out to my crew. I’m looking forward to working with you, and here’s a bit about me.

I did want to take a moment to paraphrase what Anne Levy, Cybils founders and administrator, said about selecting the judges: It was really hard. We had about twice as many candidates as positions. All of the organizers take it very seriously, trying to place people in their first- or second-choice categories, while trying to get a balanced group in a variety of ways. When we can’t place someone in our group that we had in last year’s, we’re often recommending them to another category. But that’s still tough, because it is pretty likely the other group also has more volunteers than they need and they are doing the same thing.

While we look at a number of things — including blog, occupation, experience, credentials, and more — I’d advise potential candidates to think of their email request to the Cybils as a résumé. Follow the instructions given on the site. Tell us a bit about yourself. If you want consideration for a category that isn’t represented on your blog, tell us why. Show some enthusiasm if you feel it — and if you don’t feel it, you probably shouldn’t apply. Highlight your credentials — which can be as simple as being a parent of preschoolers. That certainly matters to me. Do this even if you think we know you, because if the person who does know you well has to pass for some reason, than the other organizers need to get a little flavor of who you are.

I would have loved to take everyone who wanted to work in Fiction Picture Books, but I had to narrow my choices down. Even so, I expanded my panelists from five to seven in order to accommodate a few more bloggers. And here they are:

Panelists (Round I Judges):
Judges (Round II):
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morninglight mama said...

Just thrilled to be here, Pam!

Debbie - Families and Literacy said...

So cool! I think it sounds like a ton of fun (and reading)! I thought about applying, but adding that to my senior year of college didn't sounds like the best idea in the world. :)

I'm so excited to watch the whole process this year! Have fun reading!

Unknown said...

There's a Book is the best!!! I can't wait to hear who this year's Cybils are awarded to.

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

Thanks for the tips about applying to join a judging panel - I'll remember them for next year :-) Still, really looking forward to the whole process and discovering some great books along the way.

The1stdaughter said...

I'm so excited for this year! Thank you so much for the fantastic opportunity. Now, I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what everyone nominates!

Tess said...

excited to be on your committee! can't wait to get starting judging some awesome picture books :)