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Kidlit Con 2010

I haven’t talked about Kidlit Con 2010 because I really, really want to go. That statement may seem nonsensical — unless you consider my luck lately, whereby I seem to have offended the universe. To proclaim my intentions to attend the coolest conference of the year seems to tempt fate.

But tempt I must, as the date is closing in. October 23rd, to be precise. My hesitation was not due to my everyday superstition, but the real possibility of my mother’s health care needs conflicting with the conference dates. At this point though, I’ve committed to speaking, sent my registration, arranged for a roommate (Hey, Maureen!), and booked my flight. It’s happening, people.

With all the conferences, seminars, and events out there in children’s and young adult literature, you may wonder why Kidlit Con 2010 is top on my priority list. Well, you might wonder that if you haven’t been to one of our four other conferences.

While I love getting the books from BookExpo America, and I love meeting the authors at the American Library Association’s Convention, at Kidlit Con I get to connect with the people that are my blogging best friends. They are my people. We talk about books and blogging, for sure. But we also talk about movies and shoes and politics and families and vacations and writing and... everything. It’s so easy to interact because we all know each other from our blogs, and being able to visit in person is just fun.

I hope you’ll join us this year. Take a look at the website for information about the weekend, and of course, registration itself. I’ll be arriving on Friday afternoon, and would love to meet my peeps for coffee, cupcakes, or whatever afternoon food/drink fits the Minneapolis scene. See you there?


Mystee said...

I would love to go to this. I am really hoping to be able to catch some of the book conferences next year.

Charlotte said...

Oh good, I'm glad you're coming, Pam! (knock on wood) See you there!

Jennifer said...

*sniff* I am only 4 hours away, which seems like I should be able to go, but it's just far enough that I can't drive it in one day and I'm saving all my pennies for ALA Midwinter, so yeah...*sniff* but anybody who wants to come via south central Wisconsin is welcome to stop by my library!

Bibliovore said...

Hi Pam! Hope everything works out and we do get to be roomies again.