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Before we get going, let me step back a bit to talk about the original ABC Storytime feature. I don’t flatter myself by believing that the concept of arranging storytimes alphabetically is revolutionary. At the same time, I do think it’s helpful to have a reminder of how to do something well and yet simply — especially now, when libraries are needing to do more with less staff. Of course, the storytimes will also work in preschools or homeschools or maybe even elementary schools, with a little tweaking.

ABC Storytimes were done in my library as a weekly program at noon. We’d spread picnic tablecloths on the floor and the kids would bring and eat lunch as we shared the books. The appeal for the staff was having a program that didn’t require a lot of prep work finding specific titles or preparing a time-intensive craft. The parents were glad to have something on the schedule to do with their preschoolers and toddlers. The kids were happy with stories and songs.

In featuring ABC Storytime here, I kept a lot of the same concepts as when doing the program in person. Mix books and songs/fingerplays. Keep the songs and fingerplays basic whenever possible. Have back-up books in case something isn’t working. Look for books that are good read-alouds, but don’t shy away from one that’s a less-than-perfect read-aloud to give the kids and parents an introduction to a great book.

With everyone working harder these days and with more stress than ever, I hope this program offers one small way to make someone’s job just a little bit easier. With the ABC Giveaway, I hope to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter.

Okay, let’s hear about some books! Remember, you can comment on each daily ABC Giveaway post to increase your chances of winning the twenty-five reviewed titles. While you are welcome to comment here, comments on this post won’t be counted in the entries. You can also enter to win a different set of twenty-five picture books by commenting on and/or promoting the contest. Go to the original post for details. Up shortly, the letter A.

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