105 Ways to Give a Book

Cybils Nominees ABC Giveaway: The Letter B

by James Howe, illustrated by Randy Cecil

BrontorinaBrontorina wants to be a ballerina, but runs into obstacles presented by her rather unusual size... you know, given that she’s a dinosaur. The teacher, bless her heart, lets her join the class even as a couple of Mean Girls note that “she does not have the right shoes.” Brontorina does as well as can be expected in a studio build for people, but it isn’t working out for anyone. But rather than give up, the class comes together to find a solution for all. The message of inclusiveness is strong, and yet gently part of the story. My favorite line is from the teacher: “Why didn’t I see it before? The problem is not that you are too big. The problem is that my studio is too small.” Right on, sister! The well-crafted tale is supported by the diverse, amusing, and completely charming illustrations of Randy Cecil. An excellent book for preschoolers and early elementary kids that could be paired with a discussion of how we can all make room for everyone.

(Okay, this is a really stupid pet peeve on ballet books when you consider that this one features a dinosaur and others star dogs and mice, but kids don’t go on pointe — the tips of their toes — until they are in middle school. It irks me. And while I’m spouting off, what up with all the ballet books? Did we hit some cultural arts peak while I was off watching Dancing with the Stars? Really.)
Consider giving this book as a gift along with a pink tutu or look for 105 other ways to give a book.
The Letter B

Book: Grumpy Bird, by Jeremy Tankard

Fingerplay: “Two Little Dicky Birds”

Book: Dog and Bear, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Song: “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear”

Book: Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? written by Bill Martin, illustrated by Eric Carle
(Some call-and-response or singing or pausing to identify the animals can make this book more participatory.)

Book: Ha Ha, Baby! written by Kate Petty, illustrated by Georgie Birkett

Song: “Rock-a-Bye Baby”

Book: Bounce, written by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Scott Menchin
(Then let the kids bounce on out.)
Go here for the full text of songs/rhymes/fingerplays.
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Anonymous said...

The Bickleby's Birdbath by Andrea Perry, illustrated by Roberta Angaramo

The mailman for the Bickleby family fell into the birdbath. How it happened is a mystery. There is plenty of laugh-out-loud humor and opportunities to pause and ask "what do you think happened next?"

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Other "B" books I like...

Brownie & Pearl Step Out by Cynthia Rylant
Bunny Days by Tao Nyeu
Birds by Kevin Henkes
Bears! Bears! Bears! by Bob Barner

All great for the preschool crowd. Thanks for sharing another wonderful storytime plan.

Lawral the Librarian said...

Brontorina looks like such a cute book! I know the perfect (adult) person to give it to this Christmas (minus the tutu, probably).

Also, I have to second Bridget's suggestion of Bears! Bears! Bears!

Jen Robinson said...

How about the Bat books: Bats at the Beach, Bats at the Library, and Bats at the Ballpark. Such gorgeous illustrations!

I'm happy to be at least a little ways away from ballet books...

bioluminescence said...

I share your en pointe pet peeve. We find James Mayhew's Ella Bella books to be tolerable ballet books as they tell the stories of famous ballets within the story.

I know it's another song book, but I love Baby Beluga by Raffi. So many Bs, and so many opportunities for related movement.

Sarah said...

I love Grumpy Bird with all of my heart. Another B book I had tons of fun with was BIG BAD BUNNY by Franny Billingsley.

Kristen said...

I absolutely love Big Plans by Bob Shea and Lane Smith. It's a big book and my elementary students love checking it out too! :)

Unknown said...

Because of Winn Dixie. Love it as a Read Aloud in third or fourth grade.

Z-Kids said...

I love Karma Wilson's Bear books. "Bear Wants More" is probably the one I like the best.

And although it's probably not an ideal group storytime book, my favorite picture book of all time is Macaulay's "Black and White."

- AZ

Storied Cities said...

Personally, my favorite ballet book is Rachel Isadora's Max.

Charlotte said...

I like Bye Bye Baby, by the Ahlbergs (sp?) Nicely surreal, but loving withal.

RockyMtnCyclist said...

Another "B" book:

Big Dreams by Eric Hallam

Have you ever fallen asleep while reading a book and found yourself dreaming that you were a character from that story? The soothing lullaby rhythm of "Big Dreams" will plant the seeds in your child's subconscious while helping them fall asleep. The imagery will grow from the wonderfully illustrated pages into magnificent dreams after your children fall asleep.

Callie said...

I have to mention the classic... "Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see?"


Hallee Adelman said...

But Excuse Me That is My Book

Hallee Adelman said...