105 Ways to Give a Book

Ways to Wrap a Book

I love matching picture books with gifts because there are so many fun choices! For teens? Not so much. Also, teens are more likely to truly appreciate the gift of a book without something extra. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it a little fun. Here are ten ways to wrap a book for teens and tweens.

Wrap your book up in solid paper and tie a cool scarf around it. I love this red and white striped one, which would look great with red or green paper. I did this myself with a jersey scarf two years ago — seen here...

For just a little something extra, make these headbands the ribbons around your wrapped package. Red and white dots for Christmas, blue and white for Hanukkah.

Try reusable shopping bags — wrap in one, attach another in its pouch as a gift. These bags fold up into little strawberries. Cute! Or tuck a book or two in an Aeropostle tote. Three things to know. One, pick the solids for teens and logos for tweens. Two, don’t pay over $15 because these things are almost always on sale. Three, don’t think you can use another brand of tote unless you are very confident in your teen tote radar. Believe me, I know of which I speak.

Wrap your book up in a clever Threadless t-shirt. Want a literary theme? They’ve got that covered. But my favorite idea has to be giving the book Zombies vs. Unicorns with this most perfect t-shirt design... and conflict solved. (Though if you prefer, you can search for shirts with zombie or unicorn themes.)

Wrap a cookbook in photocopies of your favorite recipes. A knitting book with your own favorite patterns. Or hey, wrap a book about finances in real money.

If you’re going the book gift card route, give it in a Fair Trade recycled candy wrapper coin purse.

Maybe you just want to attach a little something to the gift for fun. I suggest a keychain, an ornament, bangle-bracelets, locker magnets, or lip gloss. You can find these online, but personally, I go to the very back of Claire’s stores where they often have incredible discounts on such little things. Often they will have a 10 items for $10 deal. We've found nice things that were originally priced at ten dollars!

Don’t have the time or energy to deal with the mall? Find a little booklight to tie on the package. I like the look of this one and in black it’s only $6. Good deal.

Give a magazine subscription with a recycled paper bead necklace. Write to WeBeadAgain@gmail.com to order a $12, sixteen-inch necklace made with beads from magazine pages. Prefer a favorite color? I’ve got that too. Yes, these are mine. I make them myself and my craft show selling has not been going well. Nor have I had the time to get my Etsy store set up, or to advertise it. But drop me a line and I’d be happy to send you a necklace of text beads like these or alternated with black paper beads. Or really any color you want.

Look to the 105 Ways to Give a Book: A Holiday Rerun for more ideas. And if you want to share your pairings or wrappings, I’d be more than happy to include them in my master list — coming soon!

(We’ll be back to the ABC Giveaway soon. I promise!)

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Jenn's Bookshelves said...

What great ideas! Thank you! I'll definitely be using at least few of these this holiday season!

Megan said...

Great ideas. Love the beads.

I may need to check out Claire's soon!

My 7yo is a bit of a reluctant reader so I always go for the book and movie combo when buying books for her.

Valerie said...

You always have the best ideas for book gifts! Thanks for the inspiration.

Madelyn said...

Thanks for your reminders! I always love these posts.

Colleen said...

This is an excellent post, Pam. I love adding things to the wrapping - makes the gifts so much more fun!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Love it.

My mom used to sew cloth napkins for me and wrap my gifts in that.

Stacey said...

These are some great suggestions. I've never gotten more creative than wrapping in fabric, so I'm glad I read this!