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48 Hour Book Challenge Around the Corner

TEN DAYS, PEOPLE! Though I guess it depends on how you count the days. Like if you include today or if you're going by the twenty-four hour day thing or the more approximate days-of-the-week count. In any case, I know that the assessment is much closer than the Rapture guy. And I won't blame my math. It is definitely happening on June 3rd. You know, unless you decide to make Saturday, June 4th the beginning of your 48 hour period - which you can set within the June 3-5th weekend - in which case it starts on June 4th for you. And then there are time zones to consider...

48 Hour Book ChallengeNevertheless. So with ten-ish days to go, where are we? Um, you tell me. Are you signing up? Getting your to-be-read pile in order? Letting your blog readers know? Great! There is still plenty of time to sign-up, review the rules, get ready, and publicize. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Book Expo America hoping to pick up some lovely signed books for our winners. I'd be delighted to take donations for other prizes as well. Past prizes have included original sketches from Mo Willems and Matthew Holm, signed and sketched-in books from Adam Rex, loads of signed books, t-shirts from Threadless, artistic blank journals, jewelry, gift cards, notecards, booklights, and more. Good stuff. If you’d like to contribute to the prizes this year, shoot me an email at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com.

Remember that you can connect the 48HBC to charitable causes as you wish to do so. I’ll be supporting book and literacy projects through Donors Choose, a great resource that connects teachers in need of supplies to donors with funds to give, and as an incentive to sign out on the official finish line post, I plan to donate $1 per finishing 48HBC participant to this DC school. Other participants can contribute to this cause and even this school as well, or to something else. Your readathon can be based on sponsors, comments, books read, or something else entirely. You can also choose not to participate in this aspect of the 48 Hour Book Challenge, though you may find a way to support others’ efforts

If you haven't done so yet, please sign up and block the dates on your calendar. If you have questions, check the FAQ's first, and then ask here if need be. I'll answer one question right now, and that is that you do NOT have to expect or in any way plan on reading the entire 48 hours to participate. Seriously. The challenge is to use this window of time to read as much as you want - and then a little bit more - along with your book blogging friends.

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Ms. Yingling said...

Is it really, really sad that I thought "Next year, Teen Daughter will probably graduate this weekend, and I won't be able to do the challenge. Dang." Seriously. I love this, and am trying to get ahead on all of my chores so that I can work through a lot of reading!

Anonymous said...

I must have been on Mars! How could I have missed the announcement for this event? I only found out today, while I did take part last year too.

Ok, signing up right away!