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I think I have a fever and my hand hurts from pulling dead plants out of the garden for six hours yesterday and I don’t know what was I thinking doing that nonsense for six hours but I guess I just wanted to be outside because it was so lovely and I felt guilty for not going home to help my mom out so I had to do something productive even though it was not my fault that we didn’t go home because my youngest had a low fever and we were worried about traveling three hours with her, because what if she got sicker or we gave the illness to my mom or one of the adults got sick and couldn’t make the drive back which is apparently what happened so maybe staying here was the right choice, though perhaps six hours of gardening wasn’t the right choice given that there is so much undone laundry in the house that I am down to granny pants and thongs in my underwear drawer, emergency underwear as it were for those times when I haven’t been able to get anything done which we might call now after I have literally leaped over the pile of clothes falling out of my closet onto the floor and encroaching on the bed area necessitating the leap over them and believe me, when I use the word “literally” I mean it, not like some people use “literally” to mean “a lot” but I mean it in that both feet left the floor as I made my way around this pile thinking as I jumped that it was just one more thing I needed to take care off like the clutter of blog entries I am ready to make with titles like “A Confession,” “Crushed,” “Another Three-Way,” and other clever things but I can’t get my head around writing them even though the books are lining up in my mind like airplanes ready for takeoff and perhaps I should let one of these ideas fly, but I just want to go back to bed or stare at the TV and watch mentally uninspiring shows because I don’t want to have to work my brain for a moment more because I think I have a fever.
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Anonymous said...

I found the complete lack of 'periods' in your blog to be very inconsiderate [pout]. Don't you realize that I can't take a breath; until I reach a period.

I started reading your blog at my normal pace, but then after three lines had to start running. Running became a sprint, but that wasn't good enough. No, I had go into Ludicrous speed. We all know that our eyes [and mind] can't maintain that speed for long, so you can imagine my horror when I needed to kick it up to #11 [which is more like Ludicrous speed +1] after 4 more lines.

I fully appreciate your desire to make us dizzying with the thoughts that are careening through your head, but please, for the love of all that is holy, utilize the sacred period.

Your readers will live longer :)

Anonymous said...

i literally just reread your blog