105 Ways to Give a Book

Introducing the Three-Way

Obviously, I need something serious in my life — something that challenges me, something that fulfills me. But... I also like to have fun, to laugh, to lighten up. And then, sometimes, I want to reach out of my comfort zone and try something different, explore a new culture, race even.

So I’m taking on all three, and I refuse to feel guilty about it.

The Children of Henry VIIIWith The Children of Henry VIII, by Alison Weir, it is definitely serious and challenging. I am fascinated by Henry VIII, his wives, and his children and have read some great fiction about them (to be covered another day). This book, though, is nonfiction and truly dense. I want to learn more, but I can’t read too much at one time or my head spins. (Now, if I was loose with the word literally, like some people are, I would have said that “it literally makes my head spin,” which I would have thought meant “it really makes my head spin,” but would actually have meant “it propels my head off the stablizing force of my neck and twirls it around like a ballerina at a Swan Lake audition.”) So I read a chapter in this book and then switch to...

Diana Lively Is Falling DownDiana Lively Is Falling Down, by Sheila Curran, which is a chick lit book, and a British chick lit book to boot. I mean “Mackintosh” for “raincoat” in the second sentence kind of British. Being that I love all things British, especially the accents, I may love this book. It is light, and funny. Starting off a little rough, but I am willing to give it a go. It is the sorbet in my reading meal so I can get back to...

Dreams From My FatherDreams From My Father, by Barack Obama, which I have wanted to read ever since he gave his speech for the Democratic Convention. Son of a goat herder, self-named “skinny kid with a funny name.” Love this guy. The book is going well, and I could probably just whiz through it, but I want to savor it. Really get to know Barack. (Do you think he minds if I call him that? I feel so close to him.)

What can I say? One book at a time may be enough for some people, but it isn’t enough for me.

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