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The Great, Big, Blogging, Kid Book Awards

The whole kidlitosphere is buzzing with the news, but on the off chance that you, the reader, are interested in children’s literature — and yet MotherReader is the only blog you frequent — I say the following:

What’s wrong with you?

I’m sorry — I meant to say that there is a great, big, blogging, kid book awards coming up, lacking in name, but not enthusiasm. You’ll find all the details at Big A, little a, including how to get yourself on one of the nominating or judging committees. Many different blogs are overseeing the various categories of book awards, including Fuse#8 for middle grade, Jen Robinson for Young Adult, and Wands and Worlds for Science Fiction/Fantasy. And then a bunch of categories that don’t much interest me. (Kidding. The complete list is at Big A, little a.)

I will most likely serve on the Picture Book committee through Big A, little a. I love middle-grade books and YA, but in my job I see more picture books than anything. Plus, ummm... they’re really short, so you can read them quickly and be done with your part in the whole thing faster. But you didn’t just read that.

If you want to contribute a clever name for the award, head over to Book Buds. Bonus points for a cute acronym.
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Little Willow said...

I'm all signed up for YA. Woo hoo!