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“Machinations”: The Movie

MachinationsYesterday was supposed to wind up my week of responses to the Five Interesting Things meme, but I was too wiped out to deal with postings. It is Sunday morning on the U.S. East Coast, and perhaps is still Saturday somewhere. I never did understand that International Date Line. I’m struggling with “spring forward, fall back” and will be for about a week as I change clocks and watches and try to remember what time it is.

Anyway, on Friday night we showed our film to the cast and crew. While Bill and I have seen it dozens of times as he adjusted music, color, editing, sound effects, and about twenty other things I don’t understand, no one else had seen it. While not everyone was able to make it, many of the cast and crew came to lend their support and see the final product. I think it is safe to say that everyone was pleased, if not impressed, by what we were able to put together. Sure, there were some small things that could have been done better, but not within our three-day window (with just one day of filming).

I think it’s the best thing we’ve done so far. And it’s up on the web now for your viewing pleasure. Pop by Tohubohu Productions for our new title, “Machinations.”

This film was done as part of the National Film Challenge. Our assigned genre was Science Fiction and the required elements were a character — Bobbie Soxer (candidate) — a prop — oil — and a line of dialogue — “If it doesn’t work, give it a shake.” We would love to do a non-competition film, but don’t have a script. So, if writers out there would like to send us something to look at, please do. We won’t actually pay you, because we’re not making any money ourselves, but still.

And the last from my 100 Things About Me list (have I convinced any of you to do your own yet?)
57. I’ve seen 90 of the 100 top-grossing movies.
And for my last tag of this meme, I pass it to my editor, my director, my friend, my gravy-train, my lawn-care guy, my sperm-donor, my husband, Bill.


Bill said...

I do appreciate the tag, though as my blog is pretty much unpublishable at the moment (another all-too-common Blogger glitch), it may be a while before I can actually follow up.

Really, I'm not ignoring you. I wouldn't dare. After all, you know where I live... ;-)

Moxie Mom said...

I just took a look and I have to say I am impressed. Having helped out on many of Tohubohu's films, it's great to see you can "get along without me."

seriously, it is the best yet. congrats!

I just checked out the Top 100 American Films and I am happy to announce I have seen 97 of the 100. I've never done this well on a test before in my life.

Nancy said...

How incredibly cool.

Bill said...

Better late than never, right? My answer to your tage is finally up.

Anonymous said...

oh, man, that is really cool!