105 Ways to Give a Book

Look Away!

I am so very unprepared.

It’s Teen Read Week, and I haven’t even taken down the Nobel Prize decorations yet.

I think it was said best at Defective Yeti about the hype and tension of the Nobel Prize for Literature. And I have to agree. I mean, it used to be that you didn’t even hear about the Nobel Prize for Literature until the week before it happened. Even the chocolates with the faces of Naipaul and Morrison were only available on the day of the announcements. But now the coverage of the event is just insane, and I can’t even pass a Hallmark without seeing the Pinter tea light holders left over from last year.

But I promise some teen book reviews this week, just give me a bit to pull them out my... files.

In the meantime, let’s keep up the Lemony Snicket love with Fuse#8’s post on The End party and reading, because I guess it is possible that someone is coming here that isn’t going to her marvelous blog. And then you can hop over to the Unfortunate Events Forum where my blog was mentioned as a source of information on upcoming books from Mr. Snicket. I feel like such a fraud.

Back already? Then head over to an article by the blogger of Defective Yeti. It’s a contest that will interest all the literary types, and gives me an excellent opportunity to point out his funny, insightful blog without going completely off-topic, which I am so loath to do. Now if only Mamarazzi could do something book-related so that I could link to them. Too bad.
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