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The Joy of Getting

I know that when speaking of a wonderful Christmas one should wax poetic about the magic of being with family, the joy of giving to others, and the spiritual nature of the season.

But honestly, it was a great Christmas because we all got awesome gifts. I’m sorry, but there it is.

I was very lucky in my shopping for the kids. An MP3 player reduced from eighty bucks to thirty. The wished-for hundred-dollar Roboraptor was now on closeout at thirty dollars. The Bratz baby house was twenty-five instead of fifty dollars. Now mix in my normal bargain-hunting finds that went under the tree. A stack of five fun activity books were about ten dollars per kid. Each girl got a three-dollar necklace (had been fifteen at Kohl’s) wrapped around a plush panda bear (maybe two bucks). Remote-control cars and plush pillows were half-price finds on the day after Thanksgiving.

All this savings meant that we could splurge on a gift that would make the whole family happy: Guitar Hero. It is only the coolest game ever.

Since my in-laws gave the girls a Playstation 2 and games (and they have Guitar Hero), we spent a lot of time today playing video games.

My husband gave me a super-nice cell phone, since mine has taken to dying unexpectedly during my calls. I only wanted a basic model, but he picked up the newer version of my current one (meaning I don’t have to start over learning how to use it) which has a decent camera with flash (meaning I can take more pictures, as soon as I figure out how to use it). I thought it was too expensive, but had to admit that I liked my husband’s thinking: “Well, we had to buy a cell phone to replace yours, so that part of the price doesn’t even count. It’s the amount over that price that’s the gift.” Who can argue with that?

This evening I am back at work. There are maybe three patrons in the library. Guitar Hero is at home with my kids and hubby. Bitter? Okay, a little. But I’m determined to spent the next few days reviewing some of the best books of the year that I forgot to mention. So while many of your other blogger friends are off on vacation, I’ll be here posting every day. Yup. Every. Day.

Suddenly that sounds so depressing.
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Franki said...

Glad you'll be posting every day! We will be too. It is pretty lonely with everyone out there on vacation!

Anonymous said...

But we're not depressed, as we get to hear your thoughts and reviews.

I am also evaluating Christmas in terms of the gifts I got, since I got some good, new books.

I already miss the egg nog.