105 Ways to Give a Book

Just a Few Short Films

I’m tired. And I’m sick. My throat hurts and my head aches. I’m back from work this morning, and now I need to get in a rest before my afternoon really takes off. At 3:30 I have the drama club’s rehearsal, then it’s a Brownie ceremony, then to the store for flowers for the drama performance, then make the kids do homework, then heat up some pizza, then go to the drama club play, then put the kids to bed, and then — and only then — can I pour the wine. Little Penguin is my new favorite.

I was going to skip a post, but when I went to Yahoo to check my mail this little miracle came to my attention. It’s a hamster in a video game. Kind of. Not at all book-related, but very clever and amusing.

And while you’re on You Tube, visit the Tohubohu Productions channel for our recently uploaded films. Give them a viewing, and hopefully a favorable rating. Bonus points if you see me in any of them (my favorite role was as “girl who flips her hair” in “The Big Lie”).


Bill said...

The shameless promoter in me would also encourage everyone to comment, subscribe, and add the films to their “favorites” lists as well.

What can I say? I have no shame.

Little Willow said...

Feel better. I hope the play went well and that you get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Woo! Way to flip that hair!

Hope you're feeling better.