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We Interrupt This Blog...

Later today I’m coming back with some honest-to-goodness reviews. Or life stories. Or updates on my cold. Or something of true readable value. However, I have to stop the presses for a possible new contestant for my favorite search strings. I listed a few beauties in my post, “I am Thankful for StatCounter,” and I am still pretty attached to the search Winnie the Pooh look like a pimp (True dat, I say). I’m amused that many searches (six yesterday alone) for Mo Willems and say, cute or married, lead to my blog. But I’m dazed and amazed by this search from yesterday:

statistics how many children call their mothers bitches

OMG! What!!!???

But I don’t want to judge or even deeply wonder about why such a thing is needed or is an issue. Let’s just give an answer. I’ll say... seventeen.
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Anonymous said...

ooh, that's an odd one.

I haven't seen that many doozies this week, just a couple of people searching for the prizewinning Texas State Fair Chicken Spaghetti.

Wish I had it.

Anonymous said...