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Nonfiction Monday: Dazzling Dragonflies

I have the perfect book for Nonfiction Monday and Poetry Month. In fact, I think it ties in pretty well with the upcoming Earth Day, too.

Dazzling DragonfliesDazzling Dragonflies, by Linda Glaser, is not brand-new, but I noticed it recently when the cover caught my eye. The book offers an almost-storybook treatment of the life cycle of a dragonfly, from egg to adult. If not actual poems, the words are poetic and lyrical. Mia Posada provides the beautiful illustrations, where collage-style dragonflies are mixed with watercolor backgrounds and drawings. Overall, a lovely book with lovely words.
Hello, flying dragonfly!
Amazing acrobatic insect —
flitting and floating here
and there.
You dip and dive and dart,
then zip!
For more nature books by Linda Glaser, visit her website. Find more ideas for Nonfiction Monday with today’s host, Abby (the) Librarian. Completely unrelated, but worth noting for this Monday, SLJ’s Battle of the (Kids’) Books is off and running. First to fall: Gaiman. Oh, that hurt!

(I should add my BoB Round 1 guesses. And they are guesses, since in almost every match I’ve read one — and only one — book. So: Octavian, Trouble (a freebie, since I just saw it), Chains, Tender Morsels, Frankie, Hunger Games, Graceling, and Nation.)

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