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Booklights and the Holidays

Today at Booklights I’m featuring my three current favorites for the holiday season. Can you guess them from these excerpts?
“So you’re basically hash browns,” said the flashing colored lights. “Maybe you can be served alongside a Christmas ham.”
“I’m not hash browns!” cried the latke. “I’m something completely different!”

The holiday season is a time for storytelling, and whether you are hearing the story of a candelabra staying lit for more than a week, or a baby born in a barn without proper medical supervision, these stories often feature miracles.

A snowman shadow
paints himself in blue upon
a cold white canvas.
— Elaine Magliaro
Head over to Booklights to see if you’re right, and add your own holiday favorite to the comments.

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Megan Germano said...

Uh, yes! I am now hoarse as a dog (?) from reading it to three classes in a row today. But, they did love it. I wasn't sure they would get it. Or get the message, but I underestimate often. :)

Greg Pincus said...

How funny. I just posted late last night that I was resting my voice after six readings (screamings?). Good fun, though. Well worth the lozenges!